About Pageant Help

Pageant Help Specializes in pageant preparation tools. It was founded by Bill Hall .

While webmastering 3 national beaty pageant websites and 2 USA websites (Colorado and Montana), Bill started helping out many by assisting them with practice questions. Later he expanded the role and wound up coaching many international and national titleholders.

In 2002 - he partnered with the Mrs. United States Pageant and delivered the Mrs United States 2002 Pageant Director’s cut which was used by Andrea Preuss to capture the Mrs. United States title in 2003. This title was offered for sale by Amazon and CustomFlix (now CreateSpace) until 2005.

In 2005 Andrea Preuss captured the Mrs. America 2006 title (the first and only woman in history to capture both the Mrs, United States and Mrs. America titles) and Joyce O’Brien captured the Mrs. Golden America 2006 title. They used a beta version of our upcoming Pageant Help DVD which was released in early 2006.

In 2007 the Pageant Help DVD was expanded to a 2 disk set. This set won a prestigious Grand Goldie Film Award and has since been used to capture over 130 international and national competitive titles. It is now in it’s 4th version.

In 2017 the Pageant Help Series expanded to 2 DVD sets and 3 Books (Questions, Delegates, Directors). The Premier World Pageant video won a 2017 Grand Goldie Film Award. This new Premier World Pageant set follows each finalist through the system from Interview, On Stage Question and Answer, Fitness in Swimwear, and Evening Gown with each finalist's score shown at the end  of her portion of each event.


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